SDS MAX Rotary Hammer Drill Bits

SDS-max Rotary Hammer Bits with "SPEED-X" Technology that will deliver longer bit life and deliver more holes within ANSI specification.
Each Bosch "SPEED-X SDS-MAX Rotary Hammer bit has:
1. Angled Dust channels to reduce heat build up from concrete dust build-up.
2. Inclined Side Cutters for aggressive cutting by removing concrete dust faster.
3. Long Pitch Spiral for increased drilling speed and reduced VIBRATION!
4. Centric tip guides bit through hard and reinforced concrete.
 NOTE: These bits fit ALL SDS-MAX Bosch Rotary Hammers, along with all other brands that use the Bosch SDS-MAX SYSTEM. These bits also fit Hilti hammers using the TE-Y and TE-FY shanks!

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MSRP: $241.94
Save: $102.94 (43 %)
1-3/4"x18"x23", SDS-Max Wild Boar Hammer Drill Bit, BOSHC5098
MSRP: $292.76
Save: $124.76 (43 %)
2"x18"x23", SDS-Max Wild Boar Hammer Drill Bit, BOSHC5099
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