Concrete Drilling (SDS+, SDSMAX, STR. Shank) & Hammer Steel

SDS+, Rotary Hammer Drill Bits, S4L by Bosch
SDS-plus with Extend Life. *Optimized brazing & hardening process for long life when frilling in reinforced concrete. *Optimized flute design to reduce stress & make the bit run cooler! *4-flute design for fast dust removal.
SDS+ Hammer Steel for Small Rotary Hammers
Use your small rotary hammer as a "light-weight" chipping tool with these accessories.
The FASTEST CUTTING SDS+ BIT ON THE MARKET. ALSO, CUTS REBAR with its special formulated geometry!
SDS MAX Rotary Hammer Drill Bits
SDS-max Rotary Hammer Bits with "SPEED-X" Technology that will deliver longer bit life and deliver more holes within ANSI specification.
SDS-MAX Rotary & Demo Hammer Steel
The latest generation of SDS-max® chisels and points feature the newest innovation in demolition steel--reflection technology. Bosch's R-Tec reflection point is featured on HS1903 and HS1904. SEE THE COMPLETE LINE OF CHISELS & the featured R-Tec series.
Concrete Drilling CORE BITS
Bosch Rotary Hammer CORE BITS are carbide tipped with an integral shank for better power transmission. Maximum core depth is 2-5/8". These bits have a "wave design" to transfer energy more effectively to the bit for up to 40% better drilling!
Straight Shank Blue Granite Hammer Drill Bit
For the fastest drilling in concrete, stone or masonry, the "BLUE GRANITE" Hammer Drill Bits by Bosch should be your choice. STRAIGHT SHANK for 3 jaw chucks has a softened shank for aggressive gripping power!