Jobsite Protection

Ashesive Mats
STOP DIRT WHERE IT STARTS! Tacky walk-on surface cleans dust and dirt from shoes prior to entering or before exiting the jobsite. Each mat has 30 layers, which are individually tabbed for easy removal.
Carpet Protection
Full Line of CARPET PROTECTION FILMS- These do not leave any mastic on the new or existing carpet!
Door Jamb Protection
Door frames and moldings can be easily damaged during construction and during a move. FILMTECH's door jamb protector is an ideal solution for builders, movers and property managers.
Hard Surface Protection
When your floor needs to be protected against continuous heavy usage, choose FILMTECH flooring/Hard surface Protection Films for maximum protection. Superb puncture and tear resistance, and with our special adhesive backing, will maintain a smooth surface
Temporary Wall Systems
When we looked at all of the temporary wall systems and spoke to the contractors who used them, the need was to develop something more durable, more user-friendly, more functional and more cost-effective.
Window Protection
FILMTECH Window Protection is a specially designed, fully laminated self-adhering film for temporary protection of glass windows and frames. Easy to apply by hand without using cumbersome masking or duct tape; simply roll on the product.
Counter Top Protection
Counter Top Protection Great for most hard surfaces such as corian, surell (Formica), granite, silestone, avonite, ceramic tile, etc. Protects tile grout from staining Scratch-resistant