Environmental Products

Absorbent "W" World's Best Absorbent!
Invest in the "BEST" absorbent on the market. Used by many Hazmat Teams because of it's extradordinary pick up. Once absorbed, the liquid will be locked into the absorbent capillaries, thus, not allow any liquid to be released after pick-up! INSTANT!!
Loose Particulate
Totally friendly loose particulate absorbents. NO CLAY OR SILICA present in these envirnmentally friendly products. They work too!
Spill Kits
Protect yourself with the "PROPER" size spill kit!
Absorbent PADS
This is the best in pads. Made from a cellulose fiber these pads absorb like no others. 10 times better than the typical polypropylene pads that most use BECAUSE; UNTIL NOW< THERE HAS BEEN NO ALTERNATIVE!