POWDER (PAT) Gun Nails & Fasteners

Heavy Duty Pins for Powder Actuated Tools
Powerhouse only Stocks the HEAVY DUTY pins with a shank diameter of .157 for ALL powder actuated tools.
Heavy Duty WASHER Pins with 3/4" washer
Heavy Duty .157 shank Washer Pins with 3/4" washers. This is one of the most heavy duty washer pin available! These washer pins all start with "PDPAW" for correct purchasing and spec setting.
Powder Actuated Ceiling Clips and Pin Combination
See the full selection of CEILING CLIPS with pins and CONDUIT Clips with pins.
Pre-assembled BX Cable & Conduit Straps for Powder Actuated Tools
Full selection of both BX straps and Conduit cstraps and pin combination.