Hole Saws

BOSCH Bi-Metal Holesaws
Bosch offers the broadest line of hole saws for quick, clean holes in every material from tile and metal to wood and laminate to thin steel.
LENOX Bi-Metal Hole Saws
LENOX Bi-metal Hole Saws have a Patented Tooth Design and Patented Tooth Configuration Which Provides Long Life and Fast Cutting in a Wide Variety of Materials.
Carbide Tipped
LENOX Carbide Tipped Hole Saws have a Triple Ground Tooth Geometry that is Engineered to Provide Long Life in Tile and Stainless Steel
LENOX has a Complete Range of Arbors and Accessories, Including Extensions and Pilot Bits, for All Hole Saw Types. Several Arbors have Special Features such as Quick Attachment, Plug Ejection or Hole Enlarging.
Hole Saw Kits
A kit for every type of trade!