Bosch continues to lead in their MINI-GRINDER models. See both lock-on and non-lock models.All models have "Service Minder" Brushes to eliminate the guesswork & stop the tool when preventive maintenance is required!
Large Angle Grinders
IMPACT THE JOB, NOT YOUR BODY! Bosch is known for the quality of its Large Angle Grinders through its patented "VIBRATION CONTROL". All Bosch grinders in this class are 20% less weight than the competition.
Die Grinder
Bosch's line of newly introduced DIE GRINDERS have soft start and Constant Response Circuitry for constant speed under load.
Surface Grinding & Tuckpointing Grinders
Bosch has two miodels available in this category. With Bosch's "exclusive" dust protection system both of these models solve even the most difficult of dust collection issues!
Cut-off Machines / Saws
The best in electric cut-off machines!
Polishers-High Speed
This is Bosch's re-interoduction into the heavy duty polishing market. They have created a tool with reverse air-flow to keep debris from the motor. Extremely powerful, but controllable with its lightweight!