Drill Bits

Auger Bits
The "NAILKILLER" Bosch AUGER Bits. Easy in wood, tough on nails! Lasts 3X longer in nails & cuts with 20% LESS FORCE than standard auger bits. PLUS..... **DUAL CUTTING EDGES **REINFORCED SPINE **REAMER EDGE **STRONGER TIP
Bosch countersinks are great for deburring and chamfering openings to pre-drilled holes. Cuts are clean and accurate in even the toughest materials.
Step Drill Bits
Bosch step drill bits offer the ability to drill up to thirteen holes with just one drill bit. Cuts are clean and accurate in even the toughest materials including sheet metal, ducts, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, plastic, plexiglass, wood, & veneers.
Bell Hanger Bits
Bosch's NEW line of installer / bellhanger bits. Bits are in lengths of 12", 18" and 24".
Paddle / Spade Bits
Introducing the ...DAREDEVIL Spade / Paddle Bits! These are guarenteed to be the fastest bit on the market today out-drilling the leading competitors by 2.5X with 53% less force!